Medicare Supplement Plan F or G?

A major question in the decision making process for Medicare Supplement Plans today is what will happen when Plan F goes away? To refresh your memory for those who need it, Plan F takes care of all out of pocket costs on Medicare approved expenses, including the 183$ part B deductible. Beginning Jan 1, 2020 Plan F will not be available for those turning 65 after December 31st, 2019. My recommendation has always been for our customers to look at Plan G as it is usually always less expensive than the Plan F. The only difference with Plan G and F is that F takes care of the 183$ deductible for Part B of Medicare, and with Plan G you must pay that out of pocket. Yet often the premium is 15-30$ less expensive monthly for Plan G. I usually always see our customers netting $100 dollars or more in savings by moving to a Plan G.
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